The casino online casino sites are very much concerned with their players quitting them after a certain period due to the attraction of some promotional schemes of their competitors. In order to retain their current players they design a number of bonuses which the players take full advantage of as a bargaining point. The various bonuses for the current players are given below. But the players must go through all the terms and conditions of the £10 no deposit slot bonus uk before going for casino en ligne. They should not blindly accept without reading the terms and conditions which many of us do due to sheer laziness.

The monthly bonus or reload bonus

This bonus is meant for the current players with the aim to retain them in the site. The online site credits the bonus amount each month to the player’s account. But this bonus will be credited only after the player reloads their account with deposit money each month. In this way the site owner will ensure the player’s continuity with the site. The amount of the bonus depends on the money which the player spends in the games connecting to it by a percentage which is generally fixed at 20%.

High roller bonus

This is to attract the moneyed people. This bonus is given for the extra large investment with the casino by the rich players in order to stay on and play in the site. These players are also entitled for many VIP treatments like extraordinary promotions, posh clubs and many other parks to make their stay pleasant and memorable.

Bonus for payment mode

There are some sites which want their players to transact in a particular payment mode. So they offer some percentage as bonus for simply using the mode of payment.

Rake return bonus

Some online casino sites offer a percentage of the rake money back to the players on completion of a certain period with the site. Rake is a term used in the casino online casino business to denote the amount of money which the owners keep as a profit. In order to motivate the players to continue playing in their sites they even agree to part with some money from their profit. This shows the hugeness of their profit.

On getting to know the above information regarding the various available bonuses the players should study the online sites critically to select the most profitable one for them. This being a buyers’ market the players should try to get the maximum advantage. You may even come across many more schemes to lure the players from the various sites.

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